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  • Step 1 Download the FREE App and get signed up  Use: traderali as the sponsor name.
  • Step 2 Unlock a set of features or unlock all to enhance your chat experience. 
  • Step 3 Now start inviting your friends to do the same. Each time they unlock a set of features, you get paid and the more chat the more you earn!
NOTE: Please ensure you have a Coinbase or another ewallet account set up to send/receive BTC 

When sending BTC for purchase upgrade in ChatPays app ensure that you add your username as reference.

Before you send your invite link, ensure you have unlocked a set of features or all unlocked all, as you get paid when your friends also unlock a set of features or unlock all features.
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Business Presentation
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Some Earning Examples...
Share to make more!...
Let's explain how LUCRATIVE this App is and how awesome the Rewards Program can be for you...
If your among the first few people and 10,000 people join after you.
From the Diamond ($1,000) pack you will receive 5% from each and every single person that joins
(Smallest pack starts from only $10!)

That's a whopping $500,000!!
(5% x 1,000 = $50 x 10,000) 

But wait, if you've purchased this, which means you would have upgraded to this only if you had purchased the other 5 packs starting from the $10 Bronze.

Bronze ($10)
5%x$10 = $0.50x10,000= $5,000 
Silver ($25)
5%x$25 = $1.25x10,000= $12,500 
Gold ($50)
5%x$50 = $2.50x10,000= $25,000 
Platinum ($100)
5%x$100 = $5.00x10,000= $50,000 
Diamond ($500)
5%x$500 = $25.00x10,000= $250,000 
Diamond Plus ($1,000)
5%x$1,000 = $50.00x10,000= $500,000 

Total Earned: $842,500!!!! 

And of course get paid in Bitcoin!

So, you will have received 5% from each and every person that joins after you, supposing only 10,000 people joined. 
(Whether you introduced them or not. Amazing right? 😀

What if after 1 year or so 50,000 people have joined. Maybe a 100,000 people?

Chat applications are topping the iOS and Android most downloaded applications list.
The Social messaging platforms and Cryptocurrency are growing VERY fast! Earn easily from this App on your Smart phone. Global Business in your pocket!

You will ALSO have received up to 60% matching bonus from each of your direct referrals income!

We could now be talking an incredible earning of over $1,000,000 🤑

Earning Disclaimer:
There is not a guarantee that you will make profit. This is not passive income and your commission from Friends and Matching bonus is based solely on your own purchases and efforts from the sale of services.
Technology and Social Networking has given us the power to achieve financial freedom at an astonishing pace.
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